A Procurement Specialist position is now available.  This position is available until Jan 3rd! Are you looking to join one of the most progressive Purchasing Departments in the nation? Your opportunity is here. The County of San Diego is looking for a Procurement Specialist who would like to join our professional team. APPLY HERE

Procurement Specialist Position Available!

Mr. Daniel A. Chalfont will be coming to speak on June 22nd about Price Analysis for Services.  It should be an exciting topic!  Visit our events page now to register: Price Analysis of Services

Upcoming June PDM

Free Webinar this Wednesday! Managing the complexity of the multi-tier supply chains while increasing geographic expanse of markets and the ensuring regulatory compliance is a well acknowledged challenge faced by organizations today. However, companies often react to supply chain risks instead of addressing the problem from the start. With the […]

Upcoming Free Webinar

The Tour of D & K Engineering on 05/11/16 was nothing short of exceptional. Javier Lara gave us a 45 minute presentation about D & K Engineering and then we proceeded to tour the Golden Top Rd. Facility where they help many Medical Device and Bio Tech companies develop new […]

D & K Engineering Tour on 05/11/16