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Free Webinar this Wednesday!

Managing the complexity of the multi-tier supply chains while increasing geographic expanse of markets and the ensuring regulatory compliance is a well acknowledged challenge faced by organizations today. However, companies often react to supply chain risks instead of addressing the problem from the start.

With the regulatory focus increasing, it is becoming increasingly important to set the right strategy to manage supply chains and suppliers. Today, it is essential to quickly identify risk trends and challenges and address with appropriate tactics for risk mitigation. From selecting the right supplier, to monitoring the relationship with risk and performance metrics, companies need to proactively build sustainable supplier management programs.

This Webinar Event Includes 1 CEH Certificate that will be provided 24 hours after the conclusion of the event.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • Gathering supplier intelligence for improving supplier collaboration
  • Importance of creating a strong sourcing process
  • Lowering risks while gaining from the highest potential of suppliers
  • Role of technology in managing suppliers effectively

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