November 2017 Joint Meeting

lease join us for a wonderful event including three professional organizations APICS, CSCMP, and ISM- San Diego. This networking event will involve a panel discussing:

Managing Risk in a Hyper-Connected World

Managing risk has always been an important part of supply chain management. But the increasing complexity and hyper-connectedness of today’s global business environment is taking the challenge to a whole new level. In a world where a problem in one isolated region can bring an entire global supply chain to its knees, a business-as-usual approach to supply chain risk simply isn’t good enough. Eliminating all risk is impossible, of course. However, a resilient supply chain can help your company identify and sidestep risks that are avoidable – and bounce back quickly from those that aren’t. Incorporating and managing an acceptable level of risk can also provide competitive advantage.
Recent studies have identified more than 200 risks that can impact supply chains. Further, 85% of global supply chains have experienced at least one disruption in the past 12 months. Even with the obvious importance of managing supply chain risks, most companies do not have a plan in place to mitigate risk.

Panelists in this session will share the risks they face in their global organizations and valuable lessons-learned in managing those risks to ensure a resilient supply chain. They will share “war stories” to illustrate the impact events have had on their supply chains and steps taken, before and/or after, to address these events.

Seasoned practitioners, as well as young professionals and students, will leave with a much better understanding of what supply chain risk management entails. as well as steps they can take to identify and mitigate risk to ensure a resilient supply chain.

Moderator: Joel Sutherland, Professor of Practice, USD

Panelists: TBD – One from each professional organization (APICS, CSCMP, ISM)

Please sign up soon as space is limited. Also note that meal choices can only be guaranteed if the reservation is made by 12:00pm on November 3rd ( The Friday prior to the date of the event). Any reservations made after 12:00pm on November 3rd will not have their choice for meal, and will be served a “chef’s choice” option.