Free Webinar this Wednesday! Managing the complexity of the multi-tier supply chains while increasing geographic expanse of markets and the ensuring regulatory compliance is a well acknowledged challenge faced by organizations today. However, companies often react to supply chain risks instead of addressing the problem from the start. With the […]

Upcoming Free Webinar

The Tour of D & K Engineering on 05/11/16 was nothing short of exceptional. Javier Lara gave us a 45 minute presentation about D & K Engineering and then we proceeded to tour the Golden Top Rd. Facility where they help many Medical Device and Bio Tech companies develop new […]

D & K Engineering Tour on 05/11/16

So what is supply chain?  Why in the world would anyone want to work in supply chain? As a person that didn’t come from a supply chain background, I always questioned the definition myself.  My everyday job consists of sourcing, buying, dealing with logistics, and expediting.  This seemed to be […]

What is Supply Chain?

Tonight we had Parker Hannifin speak on Category Management.  A great topic with many interesting ideas shared.  Category Management really does drive a successful supply chain.

April PDM