D & K Engineering Tour on 05/11/16

The Tour of D & K Engineering on 05/11/16 was nothing short of exceptional.

Javier Lara gave us a 45 minute presentation about D & K Engineering and then we proceeded
to tour the Golden Top Rd. Facility where they help many Medical Device and Bio Tech companies
develop new products either to market them or help them internally with their day to day operations.
One, I think Javier was most proud of was a robotic device that inventories and dispenses various
medical compounds. As we approached the area, he made sure we noticed the robot which is the main
component assembly of this device.

Next stop was the factory on Bernardo Center Dr. where they build many more commercial devices for
companies. D & K’s main core competency I do believe is building Kiosk type machines such as one
that is like a retail store that dispenses things you might buy at Best Buy. Another machine makes
you a laser precision spare key from your original. While another gives you cash for old cell phone.

A big part of his operation as you could guess is managing the Supply Chain ensuring parts are
available when they are needed. Sometimes they make things overnight for a customer using a Three
D printer and having material on hand is essential in order to satisfy the customer.

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